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Gabriel Fernandez

Lead CGI Artist

Pioneering our 3D design and CGI’s, Gabs is all about new technology and the ways it can enhance our projects and campaigns.

As lead CGI Artist, Gabs creates stunning photorealistic images and innovative animations in 3D that tell stories and encourage people to have emotional reactions to particular products or services.

Collaborative and creative, Gabs is a self-confessed perfectionist, motivated by delivering the very best experiences for clients.

Born and raised in Spain, Gabs studied Interior Architecture at University and has been experimenting and immersing himself in 3D tools and tech for the last 15 years. During a 4-year stint at a CGI agency here in Manchester, Gabs worked his way from artist to lead artist before joining Holdens.

And when he’s not bringing images to life on-screen or playing around with the latest technology, you’ll find Gabs learning Italian, playing guitar (he’s pretty good too!) or jetting off back to Spain to visit friends and family.


Gabs' Spanish guitar Gabs' Spanish guitar