Find out how we connect
people and brands.

3. Empower

Empowering brands and people with data and analytics.

The third stage of our approach is Empower. We don’t just produce content and let it fly off into the ether. We constantly monitor and measure the success of our campaigns to ensure they’re always hitting the mark.

We’ll gather and analyse data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, providing the brand with regular reports on effectiveness and engagement that will directly inform the strategy. Empowering brands to empower people.

  • Post-campaign analysis and reports
  • Customer surveys
  • Audience interviews and vox pops
  • Market research
  • WiFi analytics and real-time footfall
  • Website analytics
  • Real-time analytics and heat mapping
  • Conversion pixel tracking
  • Native and third-party social analytics
  • Social listening
  • Community management and response
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