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Campaign trailer


WSP Global is one of the world’s leading engineering services companiesworking to devise innovative solutions to complex challenges across the built and natural environments. 

They use their unrivalled expertise and bold thinking to see the future more clearly through key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources, working alongside their clients to advise on solutions that are both ready for today, and for the future – solutions that are truly  Future Ready. 

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s clear from WSP’s extensive research that current design and infrastructure plans don’t account for the future we’re anticipating – socially, economically or environmentally. 

With their Future Ready programme, WSP’s experts are able to help their clients prepare for future realities, whether that’s with self-driving cars, digital transformations, extreme weather adaptation or creating connected, more resilient and smarter communities. 

And with a strong and recently developed brand identity and vision, WSP Middle East needed an equally innovative digital presence to raise brand awareness across the UAE and beyond, whilst empowering and exciting colleagues and clients with their Future Ready vision. 


WSP’s solutions are shaping the communities of today and tomorrow and helping societies thrive. Our challenge was to develop a creative vision and campaign that celebrated and promoted this whilst engaging their key audiences, showcasing their technical expertise and telling their story in a credible and authentic way that would stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


After some research, we realised that WSP’s key audiences were active on social media, namely on LinkedIn. Our goal was to leverage this existing audience and use them to connect to new people, driving awareness and engagement with WSP and their Future Ready vision. 

We decided to create a thought leadership campaign around four future-focused films and a new website centred on the themes of Technology, Placemaking & Society, and Mobility – issues that pose challenges and opportunities for our people and places.  

As experts in devising creative and innovative solutions, WSP representatives are formulating the answers to these issues, and these films and website provide a platform to share their approach and insights in an engaging and distinct way. 

Roughly three minutes each in length, the films feature interviews with WSP employees talking about their various subjects, with edited versions for social media that signpost users to the website where they can explore the various topics in more detail. 

This approach serves not only to demonstrate WSP’s knowledge and expertise, but the website we designed and built – WSP Anticipate – gives the client a long-term tool that can be updated and used to showcase their insights and drive engagement. 

It was also clear from our research that a large portion of overseas engineering companies were operating in the UAE to take advantage of the substantial growth there. But what most businesses seemed to be lacking was a real UAE focused proposition that showed compassion and genuine care for the future of the region, which made WSP’s Future Ready campaign a real opportunity to be the first to do this effectively – with heart. 

Video production

We’ve ensured that the creative execution of the films and social edits challenges what is typical of videos from the engineering sector. 

We recorded the footage on location in the UAE, interviewing WSP experts from all over the Middle East and recording 22 separate, 40-minute interviews. 

Our challenge was to condense this content into a coherent structure with a consistent narrative over four main films: The Campaign Trailer, Technology, Placemaking & Society and Mobility. 

WSP is a people-focused organisation and we wanted to showcase their engineers, consultants and experts in an authentic way. They each explore their subjects confidently, and this footage is interspersed with aspirational lifestyle shots that bring the interviews to life. Music and SFX adds a sense of connectivity and emotion. 

The biggest creative challenge has been depicting a future which does not yet exist. In responding to this we’ve permeated the creative with the idea of how the future might feel, as opposed to how it might look, and the reality of how it will affect people and places. 

The interview style allowed all of the subjects to speak at length about their individual fields. We didn’t want stock answers about what the future held, we wanted honest answers that the interviewees, and anyone listening, can really believe in. 

Social Media

From the longer films we’ve developed a suite of shorter edits for the WSP social channels, ranging from 10 to 40 seconds in length and featuring different creative executions. 

These teaser edits hook viewers in, encouraging them to visit the microsite, watch the full films and read supporting content. 

In contrast to this highly stylised content, we’ve also created edits that show interviewees in natural moments before and after their interviews – being mic’d up and chatting to the film crew etc, in order to show their human side and encourage viewers to connect with WSP on an emotional level. 

For the 10-second content we’ve taken some of the big ideas from the interviews and condensed them into short sound bites with engaging text graphicsWe’re also developing snappy edits using the concept of on-screen speed reading to communicate key information in an impactful way. 


Website design

WSP Anticipate  is a thought leadership hub that matches the quality of the content and visuals of the video and social campaign, to ensure that once directed there, the user feels a sense of natural progression and continuity. 

Rich with insights in the form of articles, reports and thought pieces, the website features a revolutionary CMS that gives WSP staff the ability to easily modify and add content. They will be able to pick from a variety of component styles to create unique page layouts, incorporate all types of media and even create infographics for articles, all within the CMS. This will help to keep the site fresh and engaging, as will the clean, minimal design, which features dynamic animations and interactions. 

The result? A technically seamless and visually engaging website that integrates WSP content into an interactive website experience. 


We’ve brought WSP’s Future Ready vision to life through film and digital innovation, creating consistency across multiple channels and positioning the organisation and its employees as experts in their industry. 

WSP now has a pioneering online hub, both in terms of content and the technical skills used to build it, where employees and partners can share thought pieces and continue to position themselves as sector-leaders, long into the future they are helping to shape. 

The four feature films and supporting social media edits will be released at phased intervals across the WSP-Anticipate microsite and online channels throughout the year, so make sure you’re ready, and watch this space… 

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