• Digital
  • Interiors
  • 3D Design & CGI

Designed with the busy urban parent in mind, Micralite strollers were created by two dads who wanted to make life easier for other parents. Practical, stylish and thoughtfully engineered, the brand needed an innovative way to showcase their products across high street retailers globally.


Micralite challenged us to shake things up with a bold and unique point of sale display, product CGI and visualisations and accompanying marketing collateral, with the aim of increasing brand awareness and driving sales amongst their target audience – well-informed, life-loving urban and suburban 25-44 year-olds who relish challenge and change and are ready for the adventure of parenthood.


Through an intensive process of brand immersion, we put ourselves in the shoes of the Micralite target audience. Working closely with Micralite’s product designers, we created 3D visualisations, CGI and bespoke animations to bring each product to life.

With a crisp, consistent visual style, these renders recreate each unique product and show them off in the best way possible across digital and print. Alongside this, we’ve created a unique point of sale display to showcase the products and stand out from competitors. Inspired by origami, these stands use a sleek, flexible, modular design, meeting the practical needs of different retail spaces across the world.


The take up from retailers has smashed sales targets and from September 2018 the POS displays are rolling out across the UK, the US and Australia.

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