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We recently embarked on a brand evolution journey with Allied London for their new XYZ workspace building in Manchester’s Spinningfields.

At the heart of the XYZ offer is high-quality, flexible work space that responds to peoples’ needs and presents a new way of working, together.

Co-working, as a concept, is typically regarded as a sort of compromise – a money-saving, temporary alternative to more traditional work space. Our challenge was to dispel this myth and turn the concept into something far more sophisticated. Co-working at XYZ is just that, and by bringing the unique benefits of the building to the forefront of the offer, we effectively repositioned co-working as a desirable alternative, fuelled by flexibility, an enriching work/life balance and a culture that caters to people’s individual needs.

We grew the core brand with a sleek concept and succinct brand positioning that clearly articulates the unique XYZ character and values and also created a brochure, website and members’ app to enable direct, effective communication with new and existing members.

We’ve taken this innovative co-working concept and made it function operationally, attracting diverse audiences and demonstrating that a brand is far from a stationary thing, but more living, breathing and above all else, responsive.

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