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Keepmoat Homes is one of the largest house builders in the UK. Their new flagship 800-home development, NorthBridge, is based in Sighthill – just a 10-minute walk from Glasgow city centre. It’s the biggest development of its kind outside of London and part of a massive re-generation scheme in the area.

We were brought on board to bring NorthBridge to life in a user-friendly VR app and showcase all that the neighbourhood will have to offer, including 12 different house types, green spaces, shops, an onsite school and more.

A potential first for VR due to the scale and complexity of the development, our ultimate aims were to raise brand awareness, drive show-home viewings and encourage people to purchase a home at NorthBridge.


Key to this project was engaging existing residents whilst enticing new demographics and putting Sighthill on the map as a modern and dynamic place to live. Despite its proximity to the city centre, Sighthill was not typically an area that our target audience of young professionals and new families would choose to live, which meant that we had to create a bold and memorable experience that challenged and changed perceptions.

Keepmoat Homes Keepmoat Homes
Keepmoat Homes Keepmoat Homes

We wanted to establish a core creative theme for our VR fly-through that would tie everything together visually whilst taking the user on a guided tour of the development.

After presenting a suite of creative concepts, the client chose ‘Light the way,’ a route that uses the medium of light to create pathways and shapes to instill a sense of connectivity, energy and positivity.


This is also an important message in terms of how NorthBridge is reviving the area. Once a rich and vibrant place of industry, the Sighthill area is being reignited with a creative spark and bold vision for the future.

At this point we also did some work on Keepmoat’s brand positioning – including their brand vision and values – as they didn’t yet have any – to give both the client, and our copywriter, a tangible resource from which they could then write the VR voiceover script.

Keepmoat Keepmoat

We then developed a detailed storyboard with top level messaging and key visuals and produced a VR app user journey and UI overview. Once approved, we were on to the build.

Our designers stepped into VR to create 3D light drawings of notable local landmarks whilst our CGI artists worked to craft photo-realistic 360 CGI renders of each house type’s interior.

Visually, through creative transitions and playful flourishes, all of these elements were brought together filmically under our theme of light, which acts as a strong, confident presence throughout – pulsating or changing colour to represent different neighbourhoods, homes or amenities and dancing around the user’s vision as a metaphor for positivity, growth and excitement.

As well as being guided through the VR experience, it was important that users could interact and take control at certain points (whilst looking around one of the houses for example) so we integrated an intuitive UI and gaze control function to eliminate the need for controllers that allows viewers to navigate through each house by simply holding their gaze on the room they wish to travel to.

For the VR voiceover we wanted a local Scottish dialect – one that people could trust in and that faithfully communicated our chatty, down to earth copy. It was important that the tone and content of the script was genuine and relatable, whilst still positioning NorthBridge as an aspirational and exciting place to live.

After creating our bespoke branded VR app, we loaded it onto several Oculus Quest headsets and headed to Glasgow for the press launch event, for which we also created a full video of the experience to be played across TVs in the sales suite.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public launch of the VR experience has been temporarily delayed. As a result of this, and in order to ensure that Keepmoat can continue to promote NorthBridge even during these restricted and uncertain times, we set to work to develop an AR version of the VR fly-through that will enable users to view and interact with the development in its entirety from their tablet or smartphone, from anywhere in the world.