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Watch the OGE intro video:

Open Green Energy is a new tech-driven sustainability practice founded by Manchester-based procurement specialists, Open Rhodes Group. It combines industry-first software with the power of data and machine learning to help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and prepare themselves for the future. But while the business had a clear vision and mission, it didn’t yet have a brand or an online presence.

We worked closely with the team at Open Green Energy to develop a brand identity and positioning that would help to set the foundations for their marketing and communications. Through extensive research into their market and audiences, as well as a workshop with key stakeholders, we were able to get to the heart of the brand and what makes it tick.

Our research and insights led us to develop a unique positioning and tone of voice for the brand that was fresh, daring and would set them apart from competitors, while also appealing to a corporate audience accustomed to data-focused communications.

We brought the brand to life through a visual concept – ‘Living Data’ – that solved the challenge of converging tech, data and energy with sustainability and nature. This helped to visualise the organic nature of data and position Open Green Energy as a facilitator and pioneer of innovation, both technologically and environmentally.

The new brand identity was rolled out across a cutting-edge website that simplifies Open Green Energy’s complex offer. This was supported by dynamic content on the site such as emotive video, bespoke illustrations, and flowing background animations to communicate the essence of the brand and engage audiences with the topic of sustainability. Visit the website here

By seamlessly integrating GRETA, Open Green Energy’s industry-first analytics software, into the website using a slick customer portal, we also provided existing clients with a platform to view and manage their own data at the click of a button.

In the first month after launching the brand to market, Open Green Energy saw a 200% increase in social media visits and four new client leads. Six months after launch, more than 10,000 people had visited the website – just the start of an exciting journey for a truly forward-thinking brand.