Rebranding the iconic landmark and breathing new life into Land’s End with Heritage Great Britain.

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What springs to mind when you think about Land’s End? The iconic signpost? A classic seaside holiday?  What about 100 acres of natural landscape, luxury accommodation, independent shops, bars and restaurants, idyllic vistas, family activities and 10,000 years of rich history? Land’s End has always been a destination of discovery and diversity, welcoming its visitors to experience it in their own way.

And with a brand and website that was dated and failing to represent everything that Land’s End offered, it needed a bold rebrand and new digital experiences that were fluid, exciting and appealed to everyone.

As part of our ongoing work with Heritage Great Britain, we were tasked with developing a brand for Land’s End that wouldn’t be diluted or confused by different messaging requirements – especially when targeting multiple audiences.

We also needed to create two websites for the Cornish headland. One for the land mark attraction that could succinctly explain its diverse offer whilst fulfilling the different marketing needs over the year, and another website that would house all of the luxury accommodation options and nearby leisure destinations available at Land’s End, in one place.



Taking inspiration from the signpost at Land’s End – an unmistakable beacon to build the brand around – we set to work on a complete brand refresh that felt modern, energetic and equally infused with history and heritage.

Flexibility was key. Not only did the signpost help to create a striking mark, it was adaptable, which was essential when targeting different audiences. Both contemporary and classic with a varied colour palette, the logo’s personality could be scaled to match the required messaging.

Land’s End Landmark

Using the rebrand as a foundation, we also created a new website, providing a one stop shop for all landmark and attraction information. Built modularly, the site also allows for flexibility, so as the seasons change, the web content can change with them. Take a look at the Land’s End Landmark website here. 

We brought the brand to life with dynamic messaging and used leaflets, social media and the new website to push it out. This allowed the brand to boldly introduce and prove itself as a contemporary update that has heritage at heart and can adapt to speak to multiple demographics.

And our work didn’t stop there. We also created a logo/lock-up for a new Land’s End attraction, Aardman presents: A Grand Experience that spotlights all of the well-loved Aardman character assets and celebrates their individualities equally. The logo was used to create the entrance signage for the attraction, and was featured across all marketing, including both small and large-scale print and outdoor media.

Land’s End Accommodation

From luxury self-catered apartments at the Saddle and Stablerooms to breath-taking views at the Land’s End Hotel, we were tasked with creating a modern, fresh and engaging website that featured all of the accommodation options on offer at Land’s End, and positioned the area as an attractive and exciting destination in West Cornwall.

Taking inspiration from our rebranded Land’s End attraction site, our aim was to create consistency across the whole Land’s End brand and align both the attraction and the many leisure opportunities in the area with the various accommodation options in both look and feel and bring them both under a strong and engaging ‘destination’ umbrella. Take a look at the Land’s End accommodation website here.

The accommodation website is clearly structured and easy to navigate, with all accommodation options, facilities, activities, destinations and other offerings clearly mapped out. A clean and minimalistic design creates a high-end look, whilst the integration of vivid, panoramic imagery and image sliders across the whole site ensures a visually engaging experience for users. An integrated booking system operated by the Land’s End hotel team enables an efficient booking process for users and supports a clear and simple user journey across the whole site.

The design of each individual accommodation page subtly incorporates the brand colours of that accommodation through highlights, shading, headers and buttons. It was important that each place retained its own unique look and feel whilst all being part of the Land’s End offer.

The site also positions Land’s End as an attractive destination by featuring a page dedicated to the many things that visitors can see and do in West Cornwall. An interactive map highlights nearby sights and activities, from fascinating museums to white sandy beaches, with lots of information about the places and how to get there from Land’s End.


We built brand consistency across all of the Land’s End assets and channels, including its websites, attractions and sub-brands, creating a visual identity that can be used in a variety of ways whilst engaging a modern audience

The rebrand and websites have also supported an increase in brand awareness and visitor numbers, positioning Land’s End as an outstanding short break destination, with lots of exciting things to see and do, and places to stay and eat.

Discover more about Land’s End and plan your visit here.

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