April Campaigns of the Month.

Campaigns of the Month
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We’re back with another Campaigns of the Month and we’ve got quite the eclectic mix of creative work from around the world for you. From dating app heaven to missing pint glasses and national discoveries, April honestly had it all, so sit back and enjoy.

Hinge – ‘Designed to be deleted’

Hinge found a brilliantly creative way to reaffirm its strapline that the dating app is “designed to be deleted”. Once a couple has deleted the app, the app icon (depicted as a cute furry cube called Hingie) is sent to heaven in what feels like a Katy Perry/Barbie wonderland.

As more lovers delete the app, more ‘Hingies’ are sent to the pearly gates. They are greeted by an overworked oracle played by actress and comedian Patti Harris as she celebrates their deletion. The practical effects and humour make this ad stand out as a personal favourite this month.

Weetabix – ‘The Weetabix discovery’

Weetabix boldly engages with the current state of the UK’s socioeconomic status, blaming the country’s decline on the fact people have stopped eating Weetabix. In this funny yet motivational ad, the brand sends a message to the people of the UK to end national decline by eating the traditional breakfast once again. It’s rare to see such a staple British brand criticising the UK so openly and maybe it feels a little more poignant because what they’re saying is true. Who knows, maybe they have a point? I for one have had my Weetabix this morning.

RSPCA – Rebrand and campaign

Wow, what can we say about the RSPCA’s rebrand and new campaign other than we absolutely love it! Subtle nods to the old branding collide with a vibrant palette and an illustrative suite of creative critters drives home the organisation’s mission statement, “for every kind.”

Revolut – ‘The future of banking’

Revolut continues to lead the charge when it comes to highlighting how the ways people bank are changing and how traditional banking methods are falling behind. This is brought to life in this ad by bankers spying on someone using the Revolut app throughout the day. While the ad does a good job of making the audience think Revolut is the only bank out there using new and easier ways of banking online, long-standing banks such as Santander and NatWest have caught up and are doing very similar things with their apps now so the gap between challenger brands and traditional banks maybe isn’t as big as Revolut is making out.

Stella Artois – ‘Missing Chalices’

Now, be honest. Have you ever considered taking an elegant-looking glass home with you after finishing your refreshing pint at the local? We have. When it comes to pint glasses, there are a few more iconic than the Stella Artois chalice. Stella understands this consumer behaviour, which many people can relate to, having the urge to take the iconic glass home with them. Whether they admit to it is a different matter.

So that’s all, folks. We hope you enjoyed this month’s Campaigns of the Month blog. We’ll be back in May to deliver an even crazier collection of creative campaigns.

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