3D Design & CGI.

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to tell a brand’s story with live action video or 2D graphics. 3D design and CGI technology now offers brands unparalleled opportunities for vivid storytelling, visualisation and immersive experiences, enhancing audience engagement, brand recognition and conveying complex concepts with clarity and creativity.

Telling brand stories using captivating 3D design and CGI.

3D Design & CGI

3D & CGI Modelling

It isn’t always possible or cost-effective to shoot real-life spaces, objects or products in live action. 3D and CGI modelling allows us to capture real-world environments and objects. Ideas requiring more realism can be recreated with accuracy and detail, while concepts that are more abstract can be visualised using models with more stylisation and character.

3D & CGI Animation & Motion Design

There’s nothing duller than a website or video that uses the same old stilted stock footage. By taking a 3D and CGI approach, we can create three-dimensional animated motion design that elevates your content with dynamic storytelling. Whether it’s a 2-minute corporate video or a 15-second social reel, 3D and CGI animation is a sure-fire way of delivering a memorable brand experience.

3D & CGI Virtual Tours & Walkthroughs

3D and CGI virtual tours and walkthroughs can involve digital recreations of a physical space or a visualisation of a space yet to be built. These can be delivered to people wherever they are in the world, from simple table-top overviews to larger, full-scale experiences. We can transform any space into its own digital CGI realm, great for property or real estate brands looking to offer a more immersive remote viewing, as well as any brand looking to re-imagine an area.

3D & CGI Architectural Visualisation

We’ve created countless 3D architectural visualisations for property and real estate brands to help them successfully sell apartments and living spaces. By utilising CGI to produce photorealistic depictions of buildings, landscapes and interiors, we give interested residents or tenants the ability to experience what it might be like to live there from their phone, tablet or computer.

3D & CGI Out Of Home

3D is taking the advertising world by storm through the use of CGI out of home ads. Anamorphic style 3D and CGI advertising can be a great way to make your audience feel more immersed with your brand. Our blend of big ideas and creative flair generates captivating ads, blurring the lines between what’s real and what isn’t and sparking online buzz for products or events.

3D & CGI Product Visualisation

Customers demand more from their shopping experience and poorly-lit, out-of-focus product shots just don’t cut it anymore. CGI product visualisations showcase products with lifelike accuracy and detail. Creative and stylistic approaches with products can also make it more of a unique experience for the audience. This not only helps brands enhance how their products are presented to boost sales but also cuts photography costs and improves turnaround times.

3D & CGI Character Visualisation

Occasionally, we’re looking for an approach with more life than just a product or an object. 3D and CGI characters can give a brand more of a human touch. This allows brands to better connect with customer, no matter the subject. This can involve giving the brand’s products themselves characteristics or creating brand mascots. Some of the world’s most recognisable brands have characters at their forefront.

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