February Campaigns of the Month – Super Bowl Special.

Campaigns of the Month
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Ah, the Super Bowl. One of the most significant events in the sporting and advertising calendar. The time of year when companies pull out all the stops to create showstopping, high-budget campaigns to achieve as much brand exposure as possible. And why wouldn’t they? This year, the Super Bowl was watched by an average of 123.4 million people in the US, making it the most-watched broadcast since the 1969 Moon landing. Did Taylor Swift’s presence have anything to do with that? Maybe, but we don’t care about that right now. We’re here to show you five of our favourite ads from Super Bowl LVIII, so sit back, relax and enjoy the best of what some of the biggest brands in the world had to offer.

Dunkin’ - ‘The DunKings’  

Ben Affleck and Dunkin’s universe of commercials continues in this hilarious yet bizarre A-list celebrity mashup featuring of Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Fat Joe and Charli D’Amelio.

In the ad, Affleck crashes his wife’s work to promote the ‘DunKings’. With serious mid-life crisis energy, Affleck awkwardly performs a song with Tom Brady and a reluctant Matt Damon, as J-Lo watches on in utter bewilderment.

The commercial racked up 3.9 million views in its first 24 hours on YouTube and Dunkin’ later dropped an extended cut, which you can see above.  They also posted behind-the-scenes footage from the DunKings set, with even more wacky subplots and shenanigans involving the whole cast.

Ben Affleck Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe anyone?

Uber Eats – 'Don’t Forget Uber Eats'

Uber Eats deploys another Hollywood heavyweight cast to boost its marketing efforts in this simple but effective campaign. Uber Eats wants to remind you that they deliver almost, almost anything, and to do so, all you have to do is forget something else.

Old friends reunite with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, power couple Posh and Becks forget a key part of their history, while Usher forgets he’s playing the Super Bowl half time show. All in all, it’s a short smart ad that gets the message across.

NFL - 'Born to Play'

Yes, the NFL still advertises during its own event. After all, it is a huge brand and it’s always trying to build awareness outside the US. The game has expanded its reach over the last 10 years, playing games in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Toronto and Mexico City. This global expansion of American Football and the NFL’s dedication to making it accessible to all is at the heart of this campaign.

The ad depicts a young Ghanaian boy dodging imaginary NFL players as he runs through his hometown. He skilfully evades them all until he reaches an NFL field where he’s met by NFL legend Osi Umenyiora, who delivers a heartfelt message stating: “Talent is global, but opportunity is not.” His involvement underscores the league’s efforts to provide pathways for athletes worldwide.

BMW - 'Talkin Like Walken' 

There is only one Christopher Walken. Just like there is only one ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’. That’s the message from BMW’s Super Bowl campaign as the great Christopher Walken goes about his day, interacting with people attempting to impersonate him. These copycat imitator ads have been done several times before, but BMW brings a refreshing angle to the style.

CeraVe - 'Michael CeraVe'

It’s the crossover you didn’t think you needed but got anyway – Michael Cera and CeraVe Skincare (note to the Holdens team – why didn’t we think of that?!)

An angelic Michael Cera promotes the popular skincare moisturiser in satirically serene surroundings before it cuts to a boardroom where we realise Michael Cera is pitching to the actual CeraVe experts. None of whom are impressed with his presentation efforts.

At a time when it seems Michael Cera can do no wrong, CeraVe has delivered a wonderfully simple campaign that works on so many levels. Great job.

So there you have it, folks. Another Campaigns of the Month is done and dusted. We hope you don’t expect March to deliver like this one, but hey, who knows? Remember, if you’re looking for an agency to partner with to create award-winning campaigns, get in touch.

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