Holdens creative duo celebrate milestone anniversaries.

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As our busy start to 2024 continues with several landmark client wins (more on that to come), we’re taking a moment to acknowledge the 5 and 10-year anniversaries of two of Holdens’ longest serving employees.

David, now working as a multidisciplinary Creative, joined the team in 2018 after impressing during his work experience straight out of university. He started as a Social Media Executive and, over five years, has gradually developed into a complete creative specialising in both design and copywriting, becoming equally adept in both areas. His talent for ideation and lateral thinking has proven vital in developing brand names, concepts and campaigns. David’s fast development would not have been possible, however, without his friend and mentor, Daniel.

Daniel joined Holdens back in 2013 and has enjoyed an impressive 10-year career in the Northern Quarter, living and breathing the Mancunian way of life. Fresh from university, the young spritely Northern Irish lad has thrived at Holdens under the guidance of co-founders Ted and Olly and, of course, his dear friend – the late, great, Peter Holden. Daniel had a very special relationship with ‘The Beard’, and we know the wisdom and knowledge he imparted to Daniel has been passed on to the likes of David and many other team members since his untimely passing in 2018. Now one of the agency’s Creative Leads, Daniel continues to amaze us with his originality and attention to detail.

The pair have created some incredible work over the years, both individually and collaboratively. From branding and illustration to TV campaigns and VR games, they’ve truly done it all. In 2022, they collaborated to deliver a new identity for one of Scotland’s biggest brands and tourist attractions, The Loch Ness Centre. Another cool collab they worked on together was for 9-Cut, Yard & Coop’s sister brand. With a tight turnaround, they managed to instil a fresh, fun feel into the brand for its much-anticipated unveiling.

They’ve also had a lot of fun working on our in-house content, creating fun illustrations and animations for our blogs and social media that always go down a treat.

Our co-founders Ted and Olly had this to say about David and Daniel’s special milestones:

“It’s amazing to be celebrating your 5 and 10 year anniversaries here at Holdens. Your journeys from joining the agency to becoming integral parts of its creative force reflects not only your talent but also your passion for the craft and your dedication to the agency.”

“We are both extremely proud of what you have achieved over the years and I’ve no doubt The Beard would agree too. A big thank you and here’s to many more years to come chaps!”

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