May Campaigns of the Month.

Campaigns of the Month
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It’s that time of the month when we look back at the best campaigns the creative industry has to offer. From cheeky copy to clever stunts, this is one Campaigns of the Month edition you really don’t want to miss. Dive in.

Flora – ‘Skip the cow’

Okay I’ll level with you, this campaign from Flora has been around for a little while but May saw it gain a new lease of life in the form of some cheekily brilliant out-of-home executions. It mixes exquisite copy with simple drawings to get its point across – that you can skip the weird middle cow bit with its plant-based butter. Udderly amazing.

Thatchers – ‘Pint-sized perfection’

Who hasn’t dreamt of appearing in a stop-motion Aardman feature? I certainly have. Fourth-generation cider maker, Martin Thatcher, received the honour as he featured in Thatchers’ new claymation TV spot from the revered Wallace and Gromit makers, marking the cider brand’s anticipated return to TV screens. 

Gymbox – Google ads that pack a punch

Something a little different for this one. We know from experience that it’s not always easy for brands to stand out with Google ads, but London gym chain, Gymbox, showed us exactly how it’s done with this bold campaign. With other gym chains and online fitness classes firmly in their sights, they hijacked their adverts with copy tailored to each rival. Genius.

KitKat – ‘Have a cursor’

There aren’t many brand ideas more iconic or enduring than KitKat’s ‘have a break, have a KitKat’. It’s a platform the brand has been trading on successfully for more than 85 years. This latest campaign tests the power of the brand idea to its absolute limit with a series of strikingly simple digital out-of-home executions that contain only five letters: “Have a”. No more words are needed, really. Anyone fancy a KitKat?

Burger King rebrands to King

As you might expect, there were a lot of reactive campaigns around the King’s Coronation – some good, some not so good. And as is usually the case, the simple ones are often the best. This one from Burger King is proof of that. The fast food chain rebranded its Leicester Square restaurant to ‘King’ in honour of the new monarch. A quite fitting way to mark the occasion if you ask me.

Well that’s your lot. Some top notch work I think you’ll agree. What are your favourites? And did we miss any standout campaigns? Hit us up.

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