September Campaigns of the Month.

Campaigns of the Month
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Just like that, September has come and gone. That can only mean one thing – it’s time for another Campaigns of the Month blog. There was plenty of great work knocking around this month, which made narrowing it down very difficult. But we did manage to choose four campaigns and each one has a very important message at its heart, so we’ve decided the theme for this month is change. Enjoy.

Power to the Patients - ‘Hip-Hop PSA’

In a high-profile public service announcement, prominent figures from the golden era of hip-hop, including Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Chuck D from Public Enemy and Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan, joined forces to advocate for comprehensive healthcare reform in the United States. This PSA was spearheaded by the non-profit organisation Power to the Patients and sees the rap legends utilising their authority and influence to passionately implore elected officials to establish an accessible, equitable and affordable healthcare system that serves all Americans. As a bunch of old-school hip-hop heads, we might be slightly biased but this ad is top-drawer.

The Diana Award & Anti-Bullying Pro - ‘Back to Bullying’

Purpose agency Revolt partnered with charity The Diana Award and Anti-Bullying Pro to launch its powerful ‘Back To Bullying’ campaign, featuring a poignant 45-second hero film that sheds light on the harsh realities faced by countless students returning to school in September. The film starts out in a seemingly innocent way, showing a young boy on his way to school. However, things turn nasty as he experiences bullying from a group of his peers. The juxtaposition of upbeat music and on-screen graphics displaying uniform prices starkly contrasts with the heart-wrenching scenarios that unfold and is a deliberate spoof of similar ads from clothing brands and supermarkets. A great and very important ad.

Heineken - ‘The Social Swap’

In anticipation of the Champions League’s return, ex-footballers and renowned pundits Gary Neville and Jill Scott teamed up with Heineken for ‘The Social Swap’, revealing the negative impact of gender bias among fans of the game. In a covert experiment, Neville assumed control of Scott’s social media accounts to give his analysis of games and was besieged by sexist comments. The outcomes of the experiment unveiled the stark contrast in the online football experience for women, shedding light on the fact that the toxicity is not driven by the content itself but rather by the identity of the individuals delivering it. A very clever campaign that highlights the pressing issue of gender bias in football.

The Guardian - ‘Not For Sale’

In collaboration with creative agency Lucky Generals, The Guardian launched a global campaign to highlight its distinctive ownership structure and its steadfast commitment to unwavering editorial independence. The campaign shines a spotlight on The Guardian’s unique reader-funded model, highlighting its role in keeping independent journalism accessible to all and positioning its model as a pivotal reason for individuals to place their trust in it. The campaign marks The Guardian’s first brand campaign since 2019’s ‘Hope is Power’ and represents a fresh strategic and creative direction for the publication. Simple and straight to the point but still effective, we love the creative approach on this one.

With that, September’s Campaigns of the Month is complete. We’re sure you’ll agree that this month’s campaigns really pack a punch. Any particular favourites? Let us know in the comments wherever you found this blog. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for an agency to deliver a campaign that gets people talking, we’re the one. Let’s have a chat.

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