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Pete Nicholson

Web Developer

Programmer Pete keeps all of our client’s websites (and our own!) in tip-top condition.

He joins Holdens with 8 years’ experience in web development, working alongside our digital team to create cutting edge websites, apps and digital experiences that enhance how people interact with brands.

Having taught himself the tricks of the trade by trawling online tutorials and question forums, Pete brings a diverse array of skills to the agency and is a master of balancing the user’s needs with our client’s commercial objectives to create beautiful, secure and efficient websites and apps.

A keen photographer, Pete also loves taking part in ultra-marathons in his spare time, which involves running at least 50km, often up the side of a mountain and sometimes for days at a time. And whilst we won’t be planning an agency-wide marathon outing any time soon, we’ll all be cheering him on from the comfort of the Studio!