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Excotek is a leading provider of enterprise IT solutions, helping businesses and organisations maximise the true potential of IT infrastructure and investments to transform the way people work, connect and communicate. But despite some huge clients and a place on pretty much every public sector framework you can think of, Excotek’s current brand and website didn’t reflect who they are. Our challenge was to create an identity and presence that this sleeping giant truly deserved.

Starting with the brand, we helped Excotek to understand itself a lot better by going through a process of workshops and Q&As that really got under the skin of the business. In doing so, we were able to figure out exactly what makes it tick, from its mission, vision and values through to its tone of voice and personality. All of this culminated in a new go-to-market brand strategy framework with a clear and concise positioning that everybody could get behind, as well as an inspiring new strapline: “Together with technology”. 

The new brand strategy framework then formed the basis of a fresh evolution of the Excotek brand identity. Getting to the heart of the brand, we realised that Excotek isn’t just an IT business, it’s a tech business too. With that in mind, we developed a refreshed logo that uses a bolder, heavier typeface and a clever new take on the X within it to give the brand a more modern and refined appearance. It’s supported with a vibrant new colour palette and a visual language incorporating graphical elements, shapes and gradients that help give Excotek the edge. 

When it came to designing the new website for Excotek, we knew a key challenge would be conveying everything this innovative IT and tech business does in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. We solved this by coming up with a new site map and content architecture that summarises what they do across four integral services and sectors. Our page and UX designs really helped to present their vast offering without overloading the user with information, and the use of motion design, animated illustrations and carefully-chosen stock video all help to bring the complex to life in a way that’s relatable – selling the benefits of what they do, not just the features.

Excotek now has everything it needs to stand tall as one of the leaders in the market. Next, our job is to get the brand in front of the right people through a series of social, digital and content marketing campaigns, utilising thought leadership content and targeted LinkedIn and PPC ads to position Excotek as the authority when it comes to corporate IT solutions across the education, healthcare, defence and digital service provider sectors.