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Geistlich is a Swiss healthcare company founded in 1892 that manufactures and supplies bone, cartilage and tissue regeneration products for private dental practices. With 40-50% share of the market in the UK, Geistlich can rightfully claim to be the leading regeneration specialist. But with a new generation of younger dentists entering the industry, Geistlich needed a targeted campaign to keep them front of mind.

After winning a competitive pitch, we were briefed on delivering a campaign to increase sales of three core Geistlich products: Bio-Oss, Bio-Oss Collagen and Bio-Gide. The campaign would be rolled out across print and digital channels, including a dedicated landing page, emailers, social media, brochures and flyers. The aims of the campaign were to introduce the Geistlich brand to a new audience and to reinforce the key benefits of each product.

After getting to know the Geistlich team, brand and products through initial meetings and workshops, it was clear they wanted a campaign that was completely different from what they’d done before. They needed a campaign that would shake things up, grab people’s attention and engage an audience who weren’t aware of the Geistlich brand or using its products already. The challenge was set.

One of the most exciting challenges we faced was getting to grips with the art and science of the medical industry. Understanding the inner workings of bone and tissue regeneration wasn’t something any of us expected to be learning about but it was an enjoyable experience all the same. Getting to know the products inside out helped us define their key benefits and differentiators, as well as the difference they make to the audience’s day-to-day life.

Taking these insights on board, we kicked off the creative process by developing a series of ideas for the longer form content first, starting with the video ad for social media.

We produced a fast-paced video comprised of images, short clips and emotive messaging to convey the benefits of Geistlich’s products. Mountain ridges, tightrope walkers, trees and even zombies were used to juxtapose the accompanying messaging in a subliminal way, creating an engaging and highly visual ad that would resonate with the target audience.

The ad was rolled out across social media to great effect (statistics and results), driving people to a dedicated campaign landing page that reinforced all the benefits of using Geistlich products in even more detail.

To ensure the creative concept we came up with translated from digital to print seamlessly, we developed Geistlich’s existing brand language to steer it away from its clinical white and blue colour palette to a more modern and vibrant pink, orange and black palette.

The Geistlich team placed trust in us and really allowed us to take the brand in a new direction in an effort to disrupt the industry norms and drive home the message that they have the best products on the market. We’re looking forward to seeing how the campaign continues to perform over the coming months and can’t wait to work with them again.

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Holdens showed a positive, can-do attitude from day one after receiving a complex healthcare brief involving sophisticated bone grafting materials and challenging dental surgical techniques. They rapidly generated a pitch that addressed the key target users and the competing technologies with sharp ideas for different executions of the key messages.

They were able to provide ideas for the more traditional approaches to face-to-face selling materials and advertising, as well as a multi-platform social media marketing plan. We at Geistlich were delighted to find an agency that worked hard right from the start to give us relevant customised answers to what is a very specialised dental market niche.

Frank Sellers Managing Director
Geistlich UK

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