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Brand DNA
Brand Identity

Ollo Health, formally known as Red Care Health, is a specialist employee healthcare provider offering tailored solutions that promote staff wellness, retention and productivity. From heart and cancer screenings to vaccinations and nutrition plans, Ollo Health provides a wide range of on-site services designed to benefit employees and employers.

While Ollo Health’s mission is to provide its customers with a first-class and unique service, it needed a way of effectively marketing itself. We were brought on board to develop a new name, positioning, brand identity and website to help communicate its offering.

Our rebranding journey with Ollo Health was a collaborative one. We developed an authentic brand DNA off the back of insights gathered from in-depth workshops that the Ollo team fully engaged in. This included defining the brand’s mission, vision and values, personality and image, tone of voice and a catchy strapline that unified it all: work better together.

Once the brand DNA was complete, we got to work on the name. We created an extensive list of potential new names with rationales for each. As the list was whittled down, it was clear one name stood out from the rest – Ollo Health. The name combines two words: Axolotl (a cute underwater amphibian with healing and regrowth capabilities) and hello (emphasising the team’s friendly tone and northern routes).

The logo mark and brand language further supported Ollo’s welcoming nature. Soft-edged shapes give the brand personality and depth, complemented by the mark’s evenly balanced flow. The shapes take inspiration from the six gills on an Axolotl’s head. We played around with these to create a set of icons that resembled flowers and petals to symbolise growth and well-being, something that really resonated with the team.

A warm and vibrant colour palette accompanied a clear typeface to reflect Ollo’s affable nature and honesty, something that is at the very heart of the brand. We translated the brand seamlessly into a fresh new website, maintaining simplicity and space wherever we could, making sure to keep the copy as concise as possible so not to overcomplicate things while ensuring we didn’t miss any USPs that Ollo wanted to convey.

Ollo is a healthcare provider like no other and we’ve loved working on this project from start to finish. The brand and website we’ve created for them genuinely reflect their personality while maintaining a sense of professionalism and expertise, setting the brand up perfectly for the exciting journey it’s about to embark on.

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I can't praise Holdens enough for designing our website and helping us achieve our business goals. The team at Holdens has been friendly, approachable, and incredibly easy to work with, all while maintaining a keen attention to detail. Thank you to the entire Holdens team for your outstanding service. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to maximise its potential.

Sam Brown Finance & Strategy Manager
Ollo Health

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