Cartmel Priory

  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • VR

With a passion for sharing stories of the past, Cartmel Priory were looking for a new way for guests to experience their 800-year history. What better way than with VR?


Cartmel Priory’s long history left us spoilt for choice when we were tasked with creating a virtual reality experience that was engaging, educational and fully immersive. VR is at the forefront of innovative visitor attractions in the UK, and so it was our job to create an experience that would draw new audiences to the Priory.


We settled on a story from Cartmel’s history around the Reformation and King Henry VIII. The script was exciting and true to life, and a VR storyboard was produced with hand drawn illustrations that were then built into 3D assets and animated into scenes. The addition of professional voiceovers and a bespoke soundtrack brought the experience to life.


The end result is an immersive and exciting journey into the history of Cartmel Priory. The experience is set to launch in early 2018, with further plans to distribute to schools and online in order to share the exciting story of the Priory’s past with a wider audience.