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The Royal Liver Building stands proud at the heart of Liverpool, watching over the city as one of its ‘Three Graces’ and a cultural symbol of its history and its people. Opening to the general public for the first time since its completion in 1911, the new Royal Liver Building 360 experience offers global audiences the chance to tour some of the building’s hidden secrets.

Visitors will be taken on a journey to the 15th floor to take in panoramic views across Liverpool from the most iconic viewing point in the city and be amazed by a world-class digitally-mapped audio-visual experience in one of its clock towers.


Owned by LiverBuildingCo and operated by Heritage Great Britain, Holdens was tasked with creating a modern, iconic brand identity, sleek new e-commerce website and activation marketing campaign for the experience. All of which had to be deserving of the building’s heritage and prestige to captivate visitors from all around the world, as well as integrate seamlessly with the experience inside the building.


We set about sculpting a brand that was striking yet playful, balancing this with the rich history and vibrant story the world-class attraction has to offer.

We designed and built a dynamic e-commerce website that includes state-of-the-art drone videography, interactive features, and a fully integrated ticketing system.

Then we unleashed a hardworking social and digital content strategy to drive engagement, website traffic and ticket sales. And we supported online with outdoor, with a larger than life out-of-home campaign across Liverpool.


The results speak for themselves. The pre-launch campaign on social has reached over 350,000 people. The website has had more than 60,000 unique visitors and with over 6,000 tickets sold, sees an impressive conversion rate of 10.6% – x5 times the industry average. And all of that before the doors had even opened.

Click here to visit the RLB360 website and book your tickets!




Reach on social pre-launch


Tickets sold pre-launch


Revenue generated pre-launch


Unique website visitors pre-launch


Booking conversion rate


Industry conversion average

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