Mountain Hardwear

  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • Interiors
  • 3D Design & CGI

Mountain Hardwear is an American designer and manufacturer of high-tech outdoor equipment and clothing. We got them to stand out among mountain-gear specialists.


When they booked a trade stand at Germany’s OutDoor show – the leading fair for the natural sports market – Mountain Hardwear approached us with a bit of a dilemma. How could they showcase over 20 tents in a space where they already had to fit a considerable amount of ruck sacks, sleeping bags and clothing?


The solution would involve an innovative digital approach and unique stand design. By using hologram tunnels, visitors could watch a 3D visualisation of each tent as if it were floating before them, with QR codes taking them to a microsite to view product information on the their tents of choice. Original furniture, bar and clothing rails brought everything together on the day.

Interactive product App Interactive product App
Over 20 tents brought to life with holograms


Big, bold and definitely standing out from the crowd, the installation was a huge success and attracted masses of new customers with its stylish and innovative set up. The stand design is now being rolled out across its international shows in the coming year.

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