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Augmented Reality

Holdens’ AR studio has a dedicated in-house team of designers and developers crafting AR experiences designed for maximum impact and engagement, from packaging that comes to life and tells a story, to memorable interactive games that play out in front of the user.

Augmented Reality is at the cutting edge of mobile technology, giving you the ability to connect the real and virtual world. AR overlays digital content in a way that makes it look like part of the real world, creating enriched experiences that add to the reality you already see around you.

Customers can now interact with and immerse themselves in your brand in a completely new and engaging way. What’s best is that they likely already own a smartphone that allows it.

Our capabilities include;

  • AR packaging
  • AR advertisements
  • AR retail displays
  • AR restaurant menus
  • AR gaming
  • AR visitor attraction tours and wayfinding
  • AR beacons and portals
  • AR face filters
  • AR property previews
  • AR location tours
  • Experiential AR
  • AR Social integration
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