The life and times of a Holdens intern

The life and times of a Holdens intern

David Pearce Wright, a University of Liverpool graduate and our newest recruit, has swapped lectures for making memes, creating content and social media marketing. He joined us on an exciting four-week internship (and now he’s got a full-time position as our Social Media Executive!)
He’s only been with us a few weeks but is already an important part of the team, and has kindly agreed to share his experiences and thoughts on his internship.

As I sit at my desk, on my lunch break, I take a minute to reflect on a whirlwind few months…

Arguably the toughest time for a lot of people my age is graduating from university and being left to ask the question, “now what?” In rare cases the transition from graduating to going straight into full time work goes off without a hitch. Fortunately for me, this was exactly what happened.

Rewind to the start of July, before the hysteria and heart ache of football nearly coming home and to my first day as an intern at Holdens.

On my way to work, I couldn’t help but try and visualise what kind of people worked at an advertising agency. I came to the conclusion based exclusively on stereotypes that the type of person I was thinking of was an edgy pescatarian, sporting a top knot who used a unicycle as their preferred method of transport. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I also couldn’t have expected a warmer welcome from each and every one of the team. The atmosphere of the entire office was fun, friendly and very energetic. I knew instantly this was something I was going to be fascinated with.

Graduates applying for work experience or internships, in an industry they know little about, could probably expect to be making the teas, coffees and running errands for most of the day. I was sure I would be doing something similar and hoped I would be able to shadow an illustrator or copywriter every so often. Again, I was proven wrong and was set to work straight away across the advertising and marketing spectrum, planning social media campaigns, illustrating concepts for ads and even modelling for a photoshoot!

One aspect that stood out to me personally in this working environment, was that everyone had the time to listen to each other. After hearing a number of stories from the team that they had not been listened to in previous jobs, I recognised how important communication is.  It’s what sets apart ordinary advertising agencies and the all-inclusive nature Holdens prides itself on.

Fast forward a month to being sat at my desk, finishing this blog. I can’t quite describe how fortunate I feel to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to kick start my career, and how grateful I am to the Holdens family for making me feel at home. I’m excited to be part of an advertising agency that invests as much into their team as they do with each client they partner with. The first 2 months have been a blast and I can’t wait for many more.

Thanks guys,

David Pearce Wright

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