Reaching for the Sky with a fully integrated campaign for Bournemouth’s newest student accommodation.


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In recent years, more student accommodation buildings have been popping up across the country, as ever-increasing numbers of students head off to university. This makes it easy for student halls to get lost in the crowd, which is why Privilege approached us to create a fully integrated marketing campaign for a new student accommodation based in the heart of beautiful Bournemouth – Skyline –  that would not only stand out in a crowded marketplace, but would add significant value to the resident’s experience.

Yes, this really is a CGI. Yes, this really is a CGI.


The biggest and most exciting challenge for us was producing large amounts of content and tailoring it to a variety of different channels and platforms, in order to deliver a fully integrated experience.

We were tasked with developing the branding, designing and populating the website with original copy, photography and video and creating photo realistic CGI renders of the building’s interiors and exteriors.

In addition to this, we needed to construct a 360 degree VR experience of Skyline, so that students could take an immersive tour of the building before moving in – all from the comfort of the Skyline showroom!

All of this needed to be activated through a paid and organic social media campaign, which was made somewhat more difficult as Skyline hadn’t been fully built at the time.


We started by taking the existing logo and aviation-inspired building interiors to develop a wider brand positioning for Skyline. It needed a clear personality and tone of voice to ensure consistency across all communications.

We also developed fresh and contemporary branding for Skyline that encapsulates the building’s visual personality, representing the clarity of life above the clouds, whilst appealing to and engaging a young audience who are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their student accommodation.

We captured video and photography over two shoots in Bournemouth, using twelve actors to create a sense of variety. This enabled us to effectively capture what living in Bournemouth is like for students.

This content was then used across a brand new website, which we also built, and the Skyline social media channels.

After capturing reality during the photography and video shoots, we turned our attention to virtual reality and CGI’s, bringing Skyline to life for prospective students by producing one of the first fully immersive 3D VR experiences featuring a university residence.



By mid-summer 2019, all rooms and apartments in the Skyline building were fully booked, making our campaign a huge success. The seamless integration of the modern branding across the many different media disciplines caught the attention of our target audience early on, exceeding pre-Christmas sales four times over.



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Bookings and sales by mid summer

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