Art With Heart

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Rule breakers, risk takers and story makers. Art with Heart have big hearts and even bigger ideas. We were tasked to create a brand identity and website to match.


Created with humour and a whole lot of passion, Art with Heart provide creative experiences in the form of performance, projects, exhibitions, workshops and training. They were after a new brand identity, website, and communications that matched their success.


Focusing on the duo’s tireless energy and curiosity, we rolled up our sleeves to create a brand identity that truly captures who they are. Expressive and easy to use, the new website couples simple navigation with striking visuals; a hub of activity with hand-drawn illustrations to promote their upcoming plays.


Following a successful brand and website launch, Art with Heart have had a busy year. The duo have signed on with The Lowry and were awarded with an ADHD Foundation Partnership Award following the success of ‘Declaration’ – a play raising the awareness of ASHD. It’s safe to say their new brand has helped increase the reach and impact of the great work they do.

Golden Years Caravan

Following the rebrand, we were chosen by Art with Heart to create production artwork and photo-boards for their Golden Years Caravan.

A creative brain storming session with the client explored the projects key themes and aim – to empower the local retirees they worked with to create a ‘Golden Years’ Army, an engaged, powerful and proud group of people who were defying stereotypes and creating strong, aspirational representation for people their age. We studied profiles and developed a series of characters based on real retirees Art with Heart were working with in order to give them a voice and a platform and bring their stories to life. We also created display boards and t-shirts in keeping with the overarching brand and creative to keep things holistic and create a sense of consistency.


Holdens took us on a journey which gave our outlook a fresh, honest perspective. They were friendly, welcoming and created a beautiful brand for us which has helped further our reach and now reflects our company and our ethos. Their passion for the arts is apparent and their dedication to making sure our brand reflected every part of us has been noticed by our partners, peers, participants and audiences. We're so pleased with our new branding and website – thank you! Holdens don't just see it as a job, they see it as a new relationship, and we can't wait to see where ours goes!

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